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At SUNCATCHER DATECAKES, we know there’s a time when everyone needs something sweet to eat. Whether it’s to refuel, instant energy, or satisfy an urge to lift our spirits. We are offering you naturally delicious date bars as a snack alternative.

Our date bars are made from the finest natural ingredients – with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives added. Our 100% All Natural Date Bars are made from fresh dates from California, vine-ripened raisins, 100% whole wheat flour, 100% old fashioned rolled oats, 100% raw dark brown sugar, sweet butter, fresh squeezed orange juice, water and baking soda. We spread one layer of flour-oat mixture on bottom of baking pan. Spread date filling. Then sprinkle flour-oat mixture on top, and slow-bake to perfection.

Our date bars are baked fresh daily in small batches.      

Each date bar is individually packed in decorative muffin liner, packaged fourteen (14) date bars in each cookie tin. Tins are furnished with inside liner, each layer separated with pad. Tins are sealed with shrink wrap to retain freshness.

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