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Welcome to SUNCATCHER DATECAKES By Oasis Grove Marketing, LLC. We are located in Malta Bend, Missouri. Our kitchen is the center for manufacturing gourmet “Natural Date Bars”. Naturally delicious, our date bars are slow-baked to perfection and made from the finest, all-natural ingredients available. We use fresh dates from California, vine-ripened raisins from California, 100 percent whole wheat flour, 100 percent whole grain rolled oats, 100 percent raw dark brown sugar, sweet butter and fresh squeezed orange juice.


Inspiration for our products started years ago while traveling and working overseas. Date cakes similar to (Maamoul) were served with coffee on Saudia Airlines. These small round cakes in a pastry shell were filled with fresh “date fruit” grown on desert oases throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Date cakes were made by Marriott Catering Corporation under contract for Saudia Airlines to serve to their guests as a sign of traditional hospitality. The pastry was naturally delicious and difficult to forget. Our idea was create a comparable product, manufacture it from fresh California dates, and present to the American Community for your enjoyment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide customers with a unique range of fresh gourmet “natural date fruit” products; present our products in elegant design packaging; achieve success through product innovation; manufacture superior products and to deliver warm, friendly, dependable customer care.

Our Date Bars

Our Date Bars contain no trans fats, no preservatives, are naturally deliciously and nutritious, packed with energy captured from the sun.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied then neither are we. You must be delighted or we’ll promptly send a replacement, refund your money or credit your account.

Have a great date day!


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